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Kitchen Interiors

Cooking is an art, so is kitchen design and a science, of course. So what makes the perfect kitchen? Is it the beauty, functionality, quality or price? We say it's all that and more. At Greenleaf, we believe in intelligent and beautiful design. Our kitchen experts design every module of your kitchen to suit your needs, home, layout, style preferences, family size and even your cooking style! Choose from thousands of options to have a kitchen as unique as you.


Our days end and begin in the Bedroom, we rest and recharge ourselves for next day. So bedroom is the most essential space in your home. We at Greenleaf strive hard to create Bedroom designs that not only helps you rejuvenate but also creates an immediate tranquillity much required for the peaceful resting. Our home interior designs are distinct and diverse, whether you are looking to create a bedroom space for a bachelor, family bedroom or bedroom for children, our bedroom designs are intricate with class and elegance in selecting furniture, space design or creating of aesthetic storing systems.

Living Rooms

Whether you are looking for classically inspired luxurious living-rooms, or modern spacious living rooms or most eclectic in design living-rooms, Greenleaf team provide a variety of choice in planning, design and executing the most spectacular living-rooms for our clients.The exclusive living-rooms designed by our skilled designers are sure to exude warmth, luxury, comfort and functionality in dynamic living-rooms where you can relax or entertain guests and friends. Our interior designers and decorators take special care in understanding each client's personal taste, character and integrate in our designs these elements in order to create a personalize ambience of one's living room.

Dining Room

Dining room or dining space is rather a very important space in the house where all members of the family sit together to have their meals, talk and share experiences. At Greenleaf, we understand that in every household the family often comes together over a dining table. Therefore, we pay significant attention in designing dining spaces that are inviting, comfortable as well as functional in nature. Greenleaf offers the most creative dining space designs that accentuates one's quintessential dining experience in their own home, designing dining spaces that are both creatively designed, sophisticated in looks and highly practical. We create dining spaces that are efficient in both comfort and functionality and have the right ambience for the consumption of food.


Foyer is most often that crucial living space of your home where you most often walk by but do not end up spending a lot of time. Therefore, the designers at Greenleaf pay acute attention to detail and create intricate interior design solutions for foyers and entryways to your lovely homes. We design foyers that are quite an inspiration to the entire home. The foyer is considered the most over-looked space while designing luxurious or cozy dream homes. Although it is most often the first living space that visitors see as they enter your beautiful home. Foyer is such an important interior space that most often creates the first impression of what lies ahead.

False Ceiling

Add elegance to your home with designer ceiling. Ceilings are one of the important elements of an interior space as they offer the maximum unobstructed view of working spaces. As a result, the ceiling is an important element of open plan house layout and defines its aesthetics. Everyone loves a great first impression and the same applies to our homes. When guests walk in, we all do our very best to to wow them. Now, with a Greenleaf designer ceiling you can do just that. Our dedicated designers design classy, cheerful, adventurous and artistic ceiling designs based on the room and theme. After all, great décor is the first step to an enviable first impression.

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